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16/04-2018 15:37:33: (LANDK29) Landkreditt Bank AS issuance of Tier 2 bond issue and buy-back

Landkreditt Bank AS refers to the announcement on 16 April 2018, and the bank
has today issued a subordinated Tier 2 bond issue in the amount of NOK 175
million. Settlement date for the bond issue is 25 April 2018.

The Tier 2 bond has a coupon of 3 months NIBOR + 1.40% p.a., and the issuer has
a first call option after 5 years, subject to an approval from the Norwegian

In connection with the new issuance, the bank has bought back NOK 35 million of
the outstanding volume in the subordinated bond issue LANDK28 PRO (ISIN
NO0010684301) at a spread of 0.35% p.a. above NIBOR to the call date on 27 June
2018. Settlement date for the buy-back is 25 April 2018.

The new issue and buy-back of LANDK28 PRO are approved by the Norwegian FSA and
the bank's General Meeting.

DNB Markets and SpareBank 1 Markets acted as joint lead managers.

Oslo, 16 April, 2018

Contact person in Landkreditt Bank AS: 
Head of Treasury Per Bjarne Kvande, tel:  +47 23 00 08 16

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