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torsdag 21. juni

12/10-2017 09:06:47: (SEVAN) Financial calendar

Financial calendar for Sevan Marine ASA


21.11.2017 - Quarterly Report - Q3
28.02.2018 - Quarterly Report - Q4


23.05.2018 - Quarterly Report - Q1
28.08.2018 - Half-yearly Report
27.11.2018 - Quarterly Report - Q3

24.04.2018 - Annual Report
24.05.2018 - Annual General Meeting

* * * * *

Sevan Marine ASA is specializing in design, 
engineering and project execution of floating units 
for offshore applications, based on its cylindrical 
floater technology. Sevan Marine ASA is listed on Oslo 
Børs with ticker SEVAN. For more information, please 
refer to www.sevanmarine.com.

For more information please contact:

Reese McNeel, CEO, Sevan Marine ASA
+47 415 08 186 

The information in this announcement is subject to the 
disclosure requirements of the Norwegian Securities 
Trading Act section 5-12 and/or the Oslo Børs - 
Continuing Obligations.

This information is published pursuant to the requirements set out in the Continuing obligations.

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